Transforming Hair Restoration

Empowering Clinics & Clients

Get personalized support throughout your journey while our platform streamlines clinic operations for efficiency. Our AI ensures precision, guiding your path to optimal results.

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Empowering AI-guided
hair transplant journeys

Tailoring the hair transplant process precisely to the preferences and needs
of both clients and clinics alike by solving the following problems.

60% Expectation Gap
40% Customer Service
30% Pre - Op Inefficiency

Our Streamlined
Healthcare Solutions

For Clinics

Pre - Op Enquiries

Our app simplifies pre-op processes ensuring swift patient registration.
Patients register seamlessly while healthcare providers benefit from an
automated system for detailed reports, optimizing the pre-op journey.

For Clinics

Post - Op Instructions

Our AI-driven post-op care provides personalized guidance and automated check-ins, enabling proactive intervention by analyzing patient progress and alerting providers to concerns.

For Patients

AI - Guide

Get tailored AI chat assistance focused on this topic, addressing all your concerns and queries effortlessly.

For Patients

AI Generated Roadmap

Say goodbye to uncertainty—our AI roadmap guarantees 95%
accuracy in predicting your post-surgery appearance, organized month by month.

Our Features

Discover the power of our app, unveiling a world of possibilities through our standout AI features.

Information-Rich Home Page


Smooth Medical Report Process


Easy-to-Use Medical Profile



For our clinic, NuMe app revolutionized patient care. Effortless, efficient, and indispensable.


Dr. Sarah Adams,


Clinics thrive with NuMe app. Boosted productivity and delighted patients every time.


Dr. Emily Chen,


Our clinic swears by NuMe app! Seamless communication and happier, more informed patients.


Dr. Laura Garcia,


As a patient, NuMe app made my hair transplant journey seamless and informed. Highly recommended!


James Rodriguez,

HT Patient

Patient-centered care elevated! NuMe app ensured a smooth recovery and excellent support.


Anna Thompson,


As a patient, NuMe app was a game-changer. Guidance at my fingertips, ensuring a successful procedure.


John Smith,

HT Patient

NuMe Team

Working with AI will empower us to feel great and strengthen our confidence

Marsalis Beckford,

Co-Founder and CEO of NuMe
AI will revolutionize the customer experience and help customers achieve exceptional results

Marie-Pier Duchesne,

Co-Founder and CSO of NuMe

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